The ultimate objective of supporting children without parental care is to prevent them from neglect, abuse, and exploitation in collaboration with the community committee organized by the program offices. In this regard, 592 children who have no parental care have got direct financial support monthly from FSCE through its four area program offices to enable them to satisfy some of their basic needs such as food and education. Some of the payment (birr 30.00 out of 200.00) is saved in a block account to be used for rehabilitation purposes when they get discharged, i.e., at the age of 18.

Another aspect of providing support to children with no parental care has to do with building the capacity of community-based organizations (‘Iddir’ coalitions) that are engaged in supporting children who have no parental care. One hundred and forty-three children have received support through Iddir coalitions in the reporting period. Therefore, FSCE’s interventions in this regard have protected the children from labor exploitation, street life, etc. and assisted them to live with their families/guardians.Awareness raising work for parents and/or guardians of children with no parental care in the target areas on parenting of children, focusing on protection and the types of support needed for the target children, was successfully undertaken in all APOs. Women who are heads of marginalized and vulnerable children and parents of vulnerable girls who attended secondary schools were identified and given trainings. This was done with the participation and collaboration of schools, kebele officials, Iddirs, and cooperatives development promotion bureaus.