Bahirdar is well known for its fabulous ecological attraction/natural beauty and strategic importance, which has made qualified to be a seat for the region’s government and the capital city of the Amhara regional state. Currently, it is one of the fast growing cities in Ethiopia.

The city of BahirDar enjoys relatively some considerable facilities like one hospital, one university, private colleges, and institutions and road and communication facilities. According to a projection made by CSA for the year 1999, the total population of Bahr Dar town is 122,202 (51.3% are male while 48.7% are female) and the town covers a total area of 28 kilometre square.

The project is founded in 2002 in the city of Bahirdar and has got operational in the selected areas since then. The major target areas are kebele 4, 5, 6, 11, and 12,14,16,17 in Bahir Dar. In addition, It is planned to reach the neighbouring woredas around Bahir Dar i.e,Merawi, Woreta, Adet, Tis Abay specially to address the issues of child trafficking, sexual abuse and exploitation. Girls’ Empowerment and management project in Adet and Merawi secondary schools out of BahirDar.

Since its establishment, the project has made tremendous effort in intervening in various child centred community based development projects. Currently, the major area of focus include education, girls' club support Empowerment and Management project; awareness raising and child protection program, lively hood promotion, preventive and support program against child sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking.

The project is funded by different donor agencies which include Kinderpostzegels, Finland Embassy, Pact Ethiopia, save the children Denmark, OAK Foundation and ICCO. All donor agencies except ICCO provide their financial assistance for both administrative and program activities where as ICCO assist salary for some staff members in Bahir Dar project.

I. Scope of Intervention

A. Education

In education unit, it is aimed to access 1,134 disadvantaged children in three cycles: cycle 1 to cycle 3 (grade levels) with alternative basic education at 6 centers and 16 qualified facilitators funded by different donors. In addition, it works to improve the academic performance of 600 female children through tutorial and study support scheme. It has also capacity building schemes to traditional and regular schools where these children may benefit in one way or another.

The program’s contribution is immense without which many children would become out of school for many reasons.

B. Support of Girls’ Clubs

In the long standing relation it has been able to maintain with regular schools, the project has undertaken girls empowerment programs which has created a situation where female children will get an opportunity to improve their academic performance and assertiveness through the constant support the get from the project. Through various assistances they receive in the clubs, female children will be empowered so that they not only can protect themselves from abuses but also continue their schooling.

C. Livelihood Promotion

They scheme intends to capacitate any local initiative that promotes saving and credit scheme for poor women headed households in the target kebeles.In this regard the project assists a typical initiative known as CHORA saving and Credit Assocsation.It association has 165 members and a capital worth 200,000 birr .The project gives technical and financial support for the association so that members may increase their income by participating in viable income generating activities. The association has become a model in economic empowerment of poor women in Bahir Dar that strives to ensure their house hold welfare.

D. Preventive and support program against child sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking.

Through different intervention program support of pertinent stakeholders, the unit works to ensure rehabilitation of 200 sexually abused and exploited street children with the aim to reunify and reintegrate them either to their families or to the community. It also works in the fight against the act of trafficking or reunification of trafficked children (mostly females) from neighboring areas in search of a better life or a safe heaven after they enter to conflict with their parents.

The intervention activities include provision of basic services, counseling and various skill trainings.

E. Child protection and advocacy

The unit mainly works on three important areas. It facilitates management of the cases of young offenders which are reported to five child protection units. It also Facilitate the cases of victim children along with following-up cases of adult perpetrators.

Children visit the unit for various units that include conflict with parents, loss of parents, and unintentional separation from families. The situation of street Children is mostly surveyed through an out reach patrol session conducted on a regular bases.

F. Community Health Promotion

Access to community health services and information delivery for children in the non formal education centers ,in the rehabilitation centers(DIC and Safe home) and at regular schools is given by health professional on a regular bases .The topics covered include HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, STI and other communicable tropical diseases.

II. Project Structure and Management

The internal structure of the project comprises 6 program staff and 31 support staff members .the project is directed by a project manager and supported by 5 project officers and (Education, Credit, Community health, Girls Empowerment officer, project officer) and one Admin and Finance officer. They are responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the day-to-day activities of the project.


Project office Address

Tel. +251-582 227 248

+251 582 200 375

E mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

P.O.B. 847

Bahirdar City kebele 15


Selemon Tefera

Program Manager





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Bahirdar is well known for its fabulous ecological attraction/natural beauty and strategic importance, which has made qualified to be a seat for the region’s government and the capital city of the Amhara regional state. Currently, it is one of the...


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