Adama APO is implementing various projects around Adama town Preventive and support for sexually abused and exploited children: the program focuses on preventive and support programs for sexually abused and exploited children in order to facilitate the rehabilitation and the reintegration of the victims to the community. The program is serving children exposed to commercial sex work and street life by uniquely setting a Drop in Center where the targets get no-formal education, health education Guidance and counseling, shower and laundry, skill training and recreational services.

Safe home: Operates in three Kebeles where the "Drop in" Center is located, and involves the community by providing the necessary information, skills and services for families, youth, traditional associations, police, schools, health institutions, etc. on the causes and magnitudes of the problem to involve them in the prevention and problem solving process.

ICT: the program aims to enhance the learning experience and livelihood skills of the marginalized groups of Street children sexually abused and exploited children vulnerable female school children and street youth; to encourage creativity and give improved service delivery system in education, health and livelihood skills through ICT and to benefit children of the urban poor develop and release their Potentials to succeed in their life.

Unit for abused and neglected children (UANC) : The unit is established in the premises of Adama hospital having the goal to prevent and reduce child abuse and abandonment by promoting preventive measures and providing medical and psychosocial support to ensure the survival and development of abandoned and abused children in the city.

Saving and credit: is to enable the children engage in small business activities by providing initial capital under the supervision of Madams.

Non formal education: is to provide basic literacy and numeric classes for the illiterate children; to give tutorial classes for school dropouts.

Skill training: is to equip some of the children with marketable skills that makes them competent for employment and/or self-employment

Shower and laundry: under this service children are availed soaps, water, and cleaning materials for keeping their personal hygiene.

Recreation: This program aims to help children spend their spare time in a safe place and develop healthy modes of entertainment and leisure. Different types of recreational services like basket ball, foot ball, table tennis, computer game, dart, hand ball, video show etc. are offered to target children within the compound of the ‘Drop in Centre’. Children are also encouraged to read books.

Guidance and counselling: target children are provided with individual and group counselling on different issues related to their personal life, family life, work practice, education, etc on regular basis and also whenever there is a need

Health Care and health Education: it is to increase the children understanding of the importance of good health and is to reduce the severity and incidence of health problems

Night shelter : the drop in center is also made to serve as a night shelter for those children under the drop in service programs. The aim of the service is to shelter of the children and rescue them from farther abuses they might face while spending the nights on the street.

Out reach program: As part of the outreach program, staffs venture to areas where target children are likely to be and try to encourage them to partake of the services on offer. This is also an opportune way for staff to observe the children’s daily realities.

Meal provision : targets of the drop in center will be provided with one meal service per day .


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Project Manager

Ditta Tuke