The program is aimed at rehabilitating and reintegrating children who have been sexually abused and exploited, abandoned, victimized, and those that are at risk. In the reporting period, in all area program offices except Dessie, 409 sexually abused and exploited children were actually rehabilitated and reintegrated. During the same period, 140 children were made to attend life skills, business skills, and vocational skills training such as hairdressing, garment technology, food preparation and hotel management. These children have now become self-reliant and confident. 

In the reporting period, the Addis Ketema area program office has shown an exemplary performance in the development and use of measurements for trauma, depression and self-esteem of children in safe homes. Based on recorded information from APOs on the targets on their arrival to the centre, almost all children have low self-esteem for themselves; they are depressed and are in trauma. Currently, improvements are shown in the children’s situation; the self-esteem level is middle level; they are overcoming their trauma, and they are free from depression and addiction. Other APOs have either adopted or adapted the practice and have started to measure the self-esteem and trauma level of the targets. One such APO is Dire Dawa.