a) Targets

  • All children with emphasis on the most vulnerable; children without parental care and children whose parents have very low level of education and week capacity for good parenting. 

b) Outcomes

  • Families including children and communities’ awareness, attitude and practice on child protection improved.
  • Income and capabilities of children and their parents enhanced.

c) Strategic Interventions: 

  • Family Strengthening Service/Business skill training, creating positive child parental relationship/ Such as parenting skills, the promotion of positive parent-child relationships, conflict resolution skills, opportunities for employment, and income-generation. 
  • Life skill and vocational education for vulnerable young children.
  • Expanding children’s’ access to education and provision of scholastic and tutorial supports in a belief school is the best place to be protected and be developed, 
  • Supporting children without parental care, 
  • Raising awareness and making the community responsive towards child exploitation.