There are many ways to get involved in our interventions. You can volunteer with one of our programs/services we undertake to protect and support vulnerable children. Help in promoting our program on how we make a difference in the children lives and the community at large. In whatever way you choose to help us, we are happy that you have chosen us.

 1.    Volunteer:

our Community Based Child Correction (Protection) CBCC centers   that are running different child   development related activities (Individual & group guidance and counseling, reintegrating children in contact with the law with their family and community, recreational Activity, library service, free talk program, tutorial service, educational material support, environmental sanitation and provision of different sanitation material, computer service etc).  The center serves for children in conflict with the law and other misbehaving children that live around. 

 2.    Donate

• In kind:  Exercise books our school children to enroll to school, contemporary research works in child protection, and publications on child protection for our resource centers.

• In Cash:    To   support the ongoing projects and new ones. 

• Technical (professional) support; counselling & psychosocial support

3.     Sponsor :   Our Rehabilitation centers or safe  homes  where  sexually exploited children  rehabilitated  and  receive  skill trainings